Gladiola Hamid

Before I reached out to you for coaching I lacked nutrition and training directions. 

I tried AdvoCare and Herbalife thinking that would help my weight loss journey after having a child. 

Prior to introduction into CrossFit back in 2016 I would do loads and loads of cardio; outdoor runs, treadmills, elliptical, cycling and HITT classes. Overall my results since I started working with you have been mind blowing. 

I still surprise myself at how much my strength has improved and my knowledge in nutrition has improved. 

The best thing about it is the communication and client-bond we have developed over such short time. We have grown to know each other on a level beyond my expectations. 

You are quick to respond and give feedback on any questions that I have. You’ve programmed a training based on MY short and long term goals. You work with my schedule when it comes to rest days. You have helped grow a stronger relationship bond with my husband, we train together and hold each other accountable. 

To add, you have also helped me become a better performer at work. To anyone considering on working with you I would say DO IT!!!! I get asked all the time about my workouts and my nutrition and I literally preach you! You invest so much in your clients and for that I am Thankful!

Stuart Jackson

I had stopped improving, even though I tried various plans and programs from the internet. 

Since working with Ben I have better mobility, more strength and a better mindset! 

The best thing about it, is seeing the improvements. 

I have also gained knowledge of movement, mental strength and knowing when to take a break. 

I just need to take more photos to show all of the benefits of the training and diet.

Patrick Round

I had a Lack of focus doing the same old routines, lack of motivation. Repeated injuries from running

I tried just running and getting the gym from time to time.

Now I feel Fitter, stronger, have fewer injuries, and learned loads of new things

The weight lifting is really interesting and helps keep me much more motivated, still making progress and can do pull-ups for the first time ever!

Ben's got a great understanding of the science, will tailor to abilities workouts challenging but not damaging

I am Really pleased we started working together, and if you're considering it, just do it.

Salam Hamid

I had no training experience whatsoever. All I ever knew was running , push-ups, and sit-ups. I love to eat whatever I wanted, especially at nights.

My results of working with you have been amazing! I have lost 40lbs within 4months! I love the way I feel and look. I’m learning about nutrition every week. if I have a question you are a message away. Your weekly check-in calls are nice; I can ask you anything and also hold myself accountable to the goals set the week prior too. To anyone considering, working with you. I’d say DO IT!! Start Now!

Charlie Russell

"I have been working with Ben for almost 2 years and during this time I have been able to consistently set goals and achieve them without fail. He has helped me with everything from nutrition to the importance of proper rest and sleep and in doing so made everything in between slot into place. After working on daily accessory exercises complicated gymnastic moves like ring muscle-ups just happen without me realising that I was ready! Ben has also demonstrated his commitment and flexibility with me when a few months ago I was diagnosed with having a ‘bicuspid aortic heart valve’. I was told I would have to significantly change my training and without Ben this news probably would have led to me giving up exercise. Since finding this out Ben has done additional research into the condition, helped me reset my goals and has helped me realise that despite having this condition I can still achieve as much as I wanted to before. My current goal is to be able to do a planche, I am pretty certain this is impossible for me….. watch this space ☺"

Erika Sanchez

"Ben has been helping me the entire way through all of this and will be helping me after babes is born! He has helped me track my nutrition and programmed every single workout I have had. It had been nice having someone to vent to about not having a perfect diet. It has been nice having someone program for me so I feel safe about everything I am doing for the babes and my body. Ben does one on one coaching with me each week and is in constant contact with me day in and day out to help physically and emotionally just with life, food and working out. If your looking for someone to help you get on track or help you through whatever it is fitness wise he has been AMAZING "

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Nikki Tolworthy

"I have know Ben for about 5 years, he has been individually coaching me for the last year and has helped me no end!! Both mentally and physically!! 

In the Crossfit open last year I finished 123rd in the uk. This year with Ben’s guidance I finished 53rd! 

The big goal for the last 6 months has been getting ready for Battle for middle ground. Where I have qualified in 2nd, which is a massive win for me as last year I qualified 13th. I can’t wait to get out there, doing what I love & feeling confident!! 

Ben also helps with my nutrition.. this is one of my biggest battles! He helps when my head is saying “you can’t eat that much”. We have over come my binges (most of the time 😊) and there is never any judgement if I do go off track, only solutions!! I’ve lost 10kg and maintained my weight for a few months now. 

He has massively helped with my confidence and self doubt. When I’m worrying about something he questions why I’m worrying, what can we do and we break it down into manageable chunks! He usually highlights there is nothing to be worrying about in the first place.

He is annoyingly right 99% of the time!! 😂 There is always a valid reason why we are doing a particular movement or exercise, which he is more than happy to explain the logic behind why we are doing it! 

I message him constantly and he reply’s quickly. Even on a Saturday night when I’m not expecting a reply, and find out later he was having his birthday night out! 

In my opinion Ben is worth every penny!! He is so much more than my coach, nutritionist, sports psychologist and psychiatrist. He is also my friend. Thank you Ben for always being there and always going over and above. Don’t think these few paragraphs are enough to explain how you’ve helped me!!"

Jake Chandler

Ben has provided excellent coaching and enabled me to make significant progress across a wide spectrum of physical goals while maintaining a high level of performance for my work. Training programs are catered specifically to your individual needs and goals. Unlike many online programs out there, Ben’s service stands out due to his wealth of knowledge coupled with interpersonal skills that are a cut above the rest. Ben is selling a professional service, not just an online commodity. 10/10 would recommend no matter where you fall on your own fitness journey.

Kyler Herklotz

Started with Ben about two years ago as a competitive CrossFit athlete. Because of my lack of experience I tore my labrum. I then got serious about my training and health and with Bens help I spent a year healing my shoulder and getting fitter in the process. Once I was healed I was fitter than I’ve ever been and extremely happy with my results. He is a great coach for all of your health and fitness goals. Would recommend for anyone no matter how experienced they are.

Holly Roode

Ben is someone that can help you achieve YOUR goals.....I have only just started on my journey, but have trained with Ben for a few years and he definitely knows his stuff - and more importantly, he is always learning and expanding his knowledge to benefit his clients experience.

For me, I know what I need to do, but having someone to be accountable for and to bounce ideas of and get inspiration from is what will keep me on track and creating a lifestyle that will make my goals a reality, rather than going round in circles of being “on it” then having a blip, giving up for a few months and then starting again. Having Ben as part of my routine I already feel like the new habits are normal, rather than a chore & I know I will get to my goals and stay there!

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